Thursday, February 26, 2009

Customize it!

If you want a specific color scheme for any of the items you'd like to order, I'll be happy to work with you on that. Many people like to order the baby things in the colors that they know are being used in the baby's nursery etc... or the person's favorite color(s) in the other items. I'll purchase specific fabric with the color schemes or patterns that are unique to the person the gift is for if you do not see any fabrics in the selection I already have available that are what you're looking for. I've worked with leather before to make vintage look/shabby-sheek handbags, and will make them on request as well.

Diaper Bag/Book Bag


A favorite item that my friends and family request frequently are one of the many fun and frilly aprons I make. These are just a couple of examples, many more fabrics are avail. by request.

Diaper Caddy, Burp Cloth & Pacifier Clips

The Diaper Caddy is my most used and favorite item I have for my little one. I can stick it in my purse or stroller and it keeps me from having to take my purse AND diaper bag everywhere I go. Makes a perfect baby shower gift, especially when given with a matching burp cloth.

Diaper Caddies are $10, Burp Clothes are $7, Pacifier clips are $4. These fabrics are still available, but these items can be made in any fabric pattern or color. I will post fabric choices soon. Please note that the diaper caddies do not include the diapers, wipe case or disposable changing pads.

Make it unique!

Don't just give your sister, best friend or mother-in-law a gift that can be purchased anywhere, make it as special and unique as possible! I'm a big bargain shopper, but I also want it to be nice, classy and and something to match the personality of the person I'm buying the gift for. This is why making it by hand is just that much more fun!
I don't know a single person who doesn't like to get the most for their money! That's why I decided to start making my homemade gifts available to you to purchase and bless the folks in your life with! You can find some of the items similar to the ones I make in a boutique store for much more than I sell them for, so stop by my website to see if there's anything you're looking for and get it for the best price!